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China AI Trash Bin, Let Us Take Look

Referring to science and technology, we must consider artificial intelligence (AI). With the progress of science and technology, social development brings you a lot of curiosity. Often these advanced equipment make us feel great. Perhaps you have heard some news about the garbage classification requirements in Shanghai, China. Of course, we might guess that garbage classification is so complex and often wastes time. However, if robots and AI systems can help us solve this problem, then we will have a high quality life of efficient daily life and office work.

AI trash bin over 100 million views

After the complex garbage classification rules drive people crazy, the classification has gradually become a new normal for Shanghai residents. At the present more than 30 artificial intelligence (AI) garbage bins driven by solar energy have been put into use in AIsland, a high-tech center like Silicon Valley in Shanghai. According to China Daily, the AI trash can is mainly located in densely populated office and public areas, and can identify 95% of recycled waste. But for hazardous waste, AI bin is still not smart enough before the system upgrade this month. The report says the bin will be displayed at the 2nd World Artificial Intelligence Conference on August 29, and the company will increase the number of containers from 30 to 2,000 by the end of the year. On Twitter-like social media platform Weibo in China, more than 100 million users have view the hashtag #Shanghai possesses AI trash bin #. Many people use this technology, claiming that magic bins save them from the trouble of sorting rubbish which the amount can be huge, especially when you think about the 26,000 tons of waste the city produces each day.

What local people say?

But skeptical voices are not uncommon. There is another social media user to express “The current machine can only identify the waste type when you throw them one by one, but what if you put a whole bag of rubbish into the trash bin, how can that work?”

A netizen talk about AI trash bin “This is much easier, at least compared to the method we used now, which we have to open the garbage sorting app, checking what kind of garbage it is. Now you can throw it into the rubbish bin as we did in the past.”.

Previously CGTN reports showed that the average daily wet garbage volume in Shanghai increased by 15%, recyclables increased by 10% and dry garbage decreased by 11.7% in the first four weeks of the garbage classification policy.

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