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Determination of the maintenance cycle of the jib crane

Determination of the maintenance cycle of the jib crane. The maintenance cycle of the cantilever crane can be long or short. Some units or individuals are not completely convinced of the description of the factory data of the cantilever crane. The new cantilever crane has not been long before it is rushed to carry out maintenance, completely ignoring the specific use of the equipment. . To be exact, the conditions of the working conditions of each part of the jib crane and the length of the stroke used can be used as the basis for judging the maintenance cycle.electric cable hoist supplier

Determination of the maintenance cycle of the jib crane

Maintenance problem. In the process of using a cantilever crane, many people have to wait until the collapse of some of the crane cranes to repair. As a result, it is easy to have a need to repair the collapse mechanism at regular intervals. Increased cost of cantilever crane repairs. Therefore, the crane crane users must pay attention to the timely improvement, adjustment and repair of every minor problem of the equipment, in order to extend the “crash” period and “fixing” period of the equipment organization.

The size of the working stroke: the hanging crane with large working stroke uses more high speed, and the working stroke is smaller with lower speed. The principle is to let the mechanism have a working section running at a stable speed, in case there is no acceleration. It is necessary to immediately turn to the unstable operation of the deceleration operation. Nature of work: For cranes that work frequently or that need to meet higher productivity requirements, the speed of the mechanism is higher than that of the high speed; for the suspension cranes that are used on the production line or engaged in rhythmical continuous production, the working speed of the mechanism and The rhythm of production should be adapted; for institutions that are not working, or those that are rarely used for adjustment work, usually use low speed.

The problem of oil use. Most of the jib cranes use oils such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and fuel oil. The use of jib cranes inevitably requires a lot of cost in oil. However, if the problem of the fuel consumption of the cantilever crane is taken into consideration, the factor that increases the fuel consumption of the cantilever crane is reduced as much as possible, and it is believed that the use of the oil material can certainly achieve the purpose of saving maintenance costs.bridge crane manufacturer

Use occasions: The general purpose suspension crane adopts medium speed, the assembly also has low speed or micro speed for inspection and installation, and a large batch of bulk material is loaded and unloaded for high speed; in addition, full load and heavy load use low speed, no load, light load can use high speed; Weight: Generally, the medium and small lifting weights are used for high speed, and the large lifting weights are used for low speeds. Especially when there are two main lifting mechanisms, the speed of the main lifting mechanism is usually significantly lower than that of the auxiliary lifting mechanism.