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How to choose children’s bedding set

Children’s bedding generally includes pillows, scorpions, diapers, quilts, mosquito nets, etc., as well as children’s bed toys such as bed bells. The urine pad is placed on the top of the mattress to prevent the baby from drawing a map. It is water-absorbing, breathable and waterproof, allowing the water to penetrate completely into the absorbent layer, making the baby more comfortable.four piece bedding set

How to choose children's bedding set

How to choose children’s bedding, pay attention to several principles:

1,It is mainly made of pure cotton. The material is soft to the touch and smells no odor or irritating smell.

2,the pillow needs to choose a child-specific pillow, in order to better shape the baby’s head;

3,children’s bedding, do not choose to have too many small accessories and decorations, such as sequins, beads, fabric flowers, etc., so as not to eat baby;

4,children’s bedding should not choose to have a rope, especially quilt cover, pillowcase and rattle, so as not to entangle the baby with the rope.

Children’s bedding set of four: quilt

How can I sleep without a quilt, but the baby’s quilt is also very particular. The small quilt is an important item for the baby to keep warm. The quilt cover should be made of pure cotton fabric to provide a warm and comfortable sleeping space for the baby. The new baby’s temperature control is still immature, you must pay special attention to keep warm, often touch the bare skin, determine whether you want to add or reduce the quilt.

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Children’s bedding set of four: baby pillow

A good pillow is the guarantee for your baby’s good sleep. The main function of the baby pillow is that the newborn’s neck is straight, and the pillow is pressed against the baby’s cervical vertebrae without using a pillow. However, after 3-5 months, in order to prevent the baby’s head type from sleeping, you can use a baby-made pillow. The hardness of the baby’s pillow should be appropriate. A stiff pillow may cause a deformity such as a head or a face, or a pillow that is too soft. It is not enough to support the pressure of the head when the baby is lying down. The risk of suffocation in babies, especially in newborns. Pillow core fillers are preferably selected from natural, non-toxic materials.Jacquard Bedding Set

Children’s bedding set of four: mattress

Although the baby develops very quickly, the bones are still very soft, and the high-quality mattress can effectively support the baby’s spine and make it a straight line. The sincerity for the baby is best to be soft and moderate, so that the departments are evenly stressed.

Children’s bedding set of four: scorpion

Of course, the baby can’t sleep directly on the mattress. The mother should also prepare a scorpion for him. The baby scorpion is best to use silky cotton material that is easy to clean, but the appearance must be pure cotton, soft and comfortable, and dirty to wash. The texture can be slightly harder, not too thick, in case other accidents occur because the head is buried in the scorpion.