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Jib crane products Classification and Characteristics

The jib crane products are widely used in different places in various industries. The working strength of the jib crane is light. The crane consists of a column, a slewing arm slewing device and an electric hoist. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation by anchor bolts. The cycloidal pinion reduction device drives the jib rotation. The electric hoist is at The spiral arm I-beam runs on the left and right lines and lifts heavy objects. The swing arm of the crane is a hollow steel structure with light weight, large span, large lifting capacity and economical and durable. Built-in row jib crane MODE type walking mechanism, using special engineering plastic wheel with rolling bearing, low friction, light walking; small size, especially beneficial to improve the hook stroke.light crane

Jib crane products Classification and Characteristics

Classification of jib cranes:

The jib crane series can be divided into:

1, dual-arm jib crane

2, JKBK fixed column jib crane

3, mobile jib crane

4, Fixed column jib crane

5, wall row jib crane

6, wall type jib crane

7, curved arm type jib crane

8, light gantry swing arm crane

Characteristics of the jib crane:

The jib crane is a new generation of lightweight hoisting equipment made for modern production. It is especially suitable for short-distance, frequent use and intensive lifting operations. It is efficient, energy-saving, and saves trouble. The area is small, easy to operate and maintain.

The fixed-column jib crane, also known as the column-type jib crane, has a weight of 125Kg-5000Kg. It is a self-developed product of Kaili Lifting. It can design customized special lifting equipment according to customer requirements.

The column type jib crane has the advantages of novel structure, reasonableness, simplicity, convenient operation, flexible rotation and large working space. It is an energy-saving and efficient material lifting equipment, which can be widely applied to production lines, assembly lines and machine tools of factories, mines and workshops. Heavy work lifting under work and warehouses, docks, etc. Fixed column jib cranes can be divided into BZD type and BZD-JKBK type according to the different types of steel used for their spiral arms.

The mobile jib crane is more flexible and adaptable. It is a necessary emergency hoisting equipment for high-efficiency automatic production line. It can ensure the smooth production line.

Wall-type jib cranes are also called wall hoists and wall-column jib cranes. It can be divided into: BX type wall type jib crane and BX-JKBK type wall type arm hoisting weight from 125KG to 3000KG. The lifting height is 3 meters.electric cable hoist supplier

The wall-type spiral arm crane, also known as the wall crane, is a new type of material lifting equipment developed by Kaili lifting on the basis of the wall-column jib crane. The traveling track of the machine is installed on the cement column of the factory building, and can be longitudinally moved along the track, and the electric hoist can complete the lateral movement along the selection arm and the vertical lifting. The machine greatly expands the scope of work, more efficient use of the plant space, and the use effect is more ideal. The lifting weight is from 1000KG to 5000KG, and the lifting height can be customized by customers.