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Office Chairs For Sale

In fact, you can even adjust the seat depth which ensures you can maximize all the comfort this drafting chair offers. This drafting chair takes the best features of Vari’s ergonomic office chair (which I’ve been testing and absolutely loving, BTW,) and elevates them, literally. This chair features an adjustable headrest pillow and a super thick 4.8 inch seat cushion for maximum comfort and is easily height-adjustable. It reclines to 180 degrees, although it features other reclining modes as well as a retractable foot and leg rest. Adjustable armrests give you a custom fit, and 360 degree swivel wheels make moving around easy. Yes, it’s on the spendy side – but you definitely get what you pay for. This ergonomic office chair is available in multiple sizes and colors, and every chair has adjustable arms, lumbar support, tilt, and seat angle. The biggest bonus with this chair is that Herman Miller offers a 12-year warranty, so if you ever have any issues, you can get a replacement piece. An ergonomic office chair is more than worth your initial investment.

As you said that you are a tall person i will suggest you to go with Featherlite Liberate Medium Back Office Chair which we have listed on the 2nd position above. But i will recommend you to go with a chair in which you can adjust the seat depth and also if the chair got sliding seat then it will be really good. And that chair is INNOWIN Henry High Back Mesh Office Chair in mid range and if you want the best premium one then simply go with MISURAA Xenon High Back Ergonomic Chair. All these 3 chairs will be best for your back and also it will be perfect for you based on your height. Go with anyone of them based on your budget and that’s it, you will be satisfied for sure. There are 2 types of office chair in the market and both of them are entirely different from each other.

With reduced pressure, you’re free to move freely, which improves blood flow and circulation. The Backfit adjustment is another pro because Embody’s backrest is designed anatomically-correct, like your own back. The golf-ball design for the seat and back makes the Embody breathable. Sweat prevention is an important feature because excessive moisture in your back area can worsen the symptoms of chronic back pain. This design helps take your mind off back pain and focus on your job. The tilt limiter is one of the first features which promotes positive posture because it doesn’t let you hunch. This wide range of adjustments covers different sitting preferences, plus it can adapt to a variety of body shapes. The cushion is hard, so you might need to get up and move once in a while, but the seat has a flexible perimeter that allows you to sit comfortably in different positions. This flexible, dynamic adaptability can also be noticed for the armrests, which move much like a human arm to provide good support regardless of your position.

It is always recommended to have the backrest of any office chair should be able to tilt at least 20 degree backwards. While Working along with your back support your head need support as well. And also if you feel tired you can put you head on the headrest to relax as well. This is a little bit cheaper compared to the last one and rest it also comes with all the major ergonomic features to support your daily work. Thebackrest of this chair has a great qualityof mesh which will give you good support and you won’t feel any hard object touching your back which will give you comfort to the next level. This office chair is the most premium ergonomic office chair in India and also one of the top brand.

Its C-Live Premium leather is one of the best types of leather on the market. In terms of materials, its PU leather feels smooth and looks glossy, though I prefer full-grain leather. The dual-stitching around the edges adds durability while still looking elegant. The casters are resistant and stable, too, attached to a resistant chrome base. You can even lean forward for a marathon typing session, and you’ll still have excellent lower back support to avoid backaches. I’ve tested quite a few, and I’m more than happy with the selection below because each chair fits a different purpose. That’s why you need the best office, recliner — and the possibility to relax right while working in your regular office or home office. If you can’t get up and move around your office, at least changing your position can help. Studies show that if you don’t change your sitting position, you’re prone to backaches, circulation problems, stiff neck, obesity, and even cancer.

The chair comes in a variety of colors, including black, red, blue, and grey. It’s also made of high-quality wood that gives it an impressive combination of strength and flexibility. The Vari Active Seat Basic offers a unique design so you can almost lean on the chair for support. It uses an air-lift piston to allow the seat to adjust up to heights of 32.75 inches. If that’s the case, then check out theSongmics Standing Desk Chair for a similar product. This particular model is a great choice if you’re looking for something comfortable yet still stylish.

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In fact, you might be able to store the chair under the desk, saving on space, and making your work environment cleaner when you’re not sitting at the desk. There are adjustments for height, seat tilt, and swivel, and the chair has back cushions that should be ergonomic enough for most. Wayfair offers a range of relatively inexpensive office chairs, like this Alori Conference Chair. Its breathable padded seat, ergonomic backrest and other standard features ensure that it can compete with options two times the price. Our sole gaming chair on the list, the GTPLAYER also moonlights as a rather comfy office chair. It’s made for comfort , with two extra cushions attached to the thing. It reclines up to 150 degrees, has a 360-degree swivel and looks fantastic. The bonded leather really adds that comfortable touch and there’s a two-year guarantee on the chair, just in case things go wrong with it. This quirky-looking office chair consistently makes best office chairs lists and has great reviews online.

That means you can lie back, put your feet up and relax in comfort as your minions scurry around you — or your kids run around you, depending on whom you share your home office with. Style-wise, your office chair should coordinate appropriately with your office desk and, work-wise, promote motivation and inspire creativity. Look for a desk chair with ease of use and movement, a timeless design and ultimate ergonomics for comfort when working remotely. Create a modern workspace with minimalist office furniture in basic black and white. Those constructed with silky top-grain full-aniline leather upholstery make the room feel lively and official—and ready for work. Polyfoam cushioning and flowing, upright armrests promote both comfort and productivity. Bases with steel or aluminum casting or arms with chrome plating add a shiny urban edge. Make it your own with decorative throw pillows or cushioned pads for extra back support and a splash of color. upholstered in black bonded leather and padded seat and back for all-day comfort. It has dual-wheel casters for easy movement and it is the best office chair you can get for under $100 by Amazon itself.

The chair’s other main strength lies in the adjustability it gives you in various areas to help you get the right fit. You can move the seat depth in and out, change the seat height, and telescope the arms up and down as well as away from or toward your torso. The Sayl has all the adjustments you need but doesn’t go above and beyond that. Most people will want the optional adjustable armrests, which can slide up or down, in or out, or diagonally inward and outward to help support their arms during different tasks. The Gesture’s seat cushion plays a major part in its overall comfort. Wirecutter staffers who own the Gesture confirmed that the cushion, back padding, and armrests are as comfortable after five years of heavy use as they were on day one. Executive Shopping for a style that gives you a classic and refined look? Browse our selection of executive office chairs in traditional and modern styles to find what you’re looking for – no matter what your budget is. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, it’s essential that you maintain a good sitting posture. To prevent aches and improve blood flow, a computer chair should be ergonomic, comfortable and fit the dimensions of your computer desk.

This chair has a 225-pound weight capacity, and it has a number of adjustable features to help keep you comfortable. You can raise or lower the seat, as well as tilt the chair back. The seat is padded for comfort, and the contoured back is covered in mesh for breathability. For at least one tester, the Steelcase Amia ranked in the top three among office chairs. Overall, however, its unremarkable design and limited features keep it from excelling. Priced between the Sayl and the Gesture, it’s a good option for anyone who is not willing to spend up to a grand on a chair but who still wants something normal looking and comfortable. The All33 BackStrong C1 Chair is the most unusual chair we’ve ever tested. The seat and lower back of the chair pivots separately from the upper back of the chair—a design created by a chiropractor to support and encourage movement of “all 33” vertebrae in your lower spine.

If you’re trying to save an on office chair, you don’t have to miss out on all of the features they’re offered. The Hbada Office Task Desk Chair comes with a lot of the perks of office chairs, albeit in a slightly toned-down manner. The upshot is that the Hbada costs well under $200 where many office chairs cost over $200, and a plenty are even further above that. We spend a lot of time seated writing up guides like this one, so we naturally have a first-hand understanding of the value of a great office chair. Because of that, we’ve put together this list to help you find a comfortable chair that’ll help get you through the long workday. Its base model ships in a PU leather upholstery (as almost all “leather” office chairs do) with a die-cast aluminum frame, but you can special order real leather upon request. It looks as simple as any other chair you’d run into at Staples, but it isn’t. The Serta Office Chair has a supportive headrest and lumbar zones, as well as ergonomically positioned padded armrests. The generously padded seat and back cushion you as you work, and the bonded leather upholstery lends an elegant look to any room. The chair is supported by a sturdy five-caster base, and reviewers say it’s an amazing product that can help reduce back and neck pain for those who sit in a chair for many hours a day.

Comfortable seating in a stylish package perfectly describes the Magnolia Home Side Chair. Stylized equidistant slats delineate the back and perfectly complement the intriguing texture of the upholstered seat. A simple design to radiate minimalist charm seems to be the mantra of this transitional-style side chair, which is supported by straight legs connected with stretchers for stability. Sleek, stylish, and professional, the Euro Chairs Leather Office Chair radiates sophisticated appeal. This home-office chair features a comfy back and seat in a matte finish with visible stitching detail, stylized arms, and the convenience of adjusting the height. Designed in a transitional style, this chair includes casters for added mobility. This office chair features a wheeled base topped with a classic silhouette featuring an upholstered tight back seat in beige and ivory stripes bounded by welt trim.

The cushion and headrest can be moved around as you want, to accommodate your height or special needs. The purpose is to add additional support and to optimize airflow. I like the flexible armrests too, which you can adjust in and out. However, some users have complained about their not having a locking mechanism, which means they’ll move too easily. As such, the chair features a central spine and flexible ribs, to maintain a flexible, yet balanced position throughout the day. Embody is unique because it features four support layers, each made from a different material. This model is remarkably comfortable, especially as the back and seat are synchronized, so they both move together when you move. The hydraulic gas piston that allows you to adjust seat height is strong and resistant too. The Omega is cozy, and its cushion provides a perfect mix of support and softness. Thanks to its cold-cured memory foam, the Omega distributes your weight evenly on the seating area, minimizing pressure points.