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Some renowned home textiles manufacturers

Linum Home Textiles Limited, its name derived from the Latin word for “linen seed,” is an international company, established with the aim to carry out marketing and sales of Turkish home textile products within the U.S. market. Delhi, India has emerged as one of the major production and export centers for home textiles. Some renowned home textiles manufacturers have also started manufacturing home textile products in natural fabrics such as soya and bamboo.

Södahl’s extensive collection of trendy home textiles and accessories allows you to decorate and style every room of your home in your own, personal style with luxury, high quality products in contemporary Scandinavian design. The identification and recovery of forensic textile exhibits can generally be understood to fall into three main categories: macroscopic units of fabrics, whether woven, knitted or nonwoven, found on crime scenes either in partial fragments, or in the form of fabric items (garments, floor coverings, bedding, etc.). Individual fibres or groups of fibres derived from a fabric might present separately from an item (such as fibres caught in a doorway originating from a fabric glove). In relation to nonwovens this could focus on the use of pure, non-composite products to aid recycling, the use of biodegradable fibres to aid decomposition in landfill or the design of component fabrics that are easy to remove from the final product for reuse, specific disposal or recycling. german type hose clamps

This is reflected and confirmed in CIRFS’ (Comité International de la Rayonne et des Fibres Synthétiques) market projections which suggest that between 1990 and 2012 consumption of bedding products, table linen, blankets and curtains will continue to grow in key European countries and the United States (US) (Morris, 2008). Our principal business activities consist of the production and marketing of yarn, curtains, sheets and all other complimentary home textile products revealing a lifestyle that suggests quality and refinement” at the very first look. As one of the leading integrated manufacturers of home textiles in India, the plant in Vapi, Gujarat, has an annual production capacity of 45 million meters of finished fabric per annum right from greige fabric to finished fabric.

Since 1997, LIME has been working together with one the strongest partners in production of towels, bathrobes and home textiles. It is evident that India is fast emerging as a major production and export centre for home textiles. The easy availability of raw materials and economies of scale leading to low cost of production are the major factors which have led to the development of Panipat as a major production and export hub for home textiles.