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The effect of photovoltaic power

For long-running photovoltaic power age structures, the impact of board dust on it should not be barely cared about. The buildup outwardly of the board has the limit of reflecting, scattering and fascinating sun based radiation,Galvanized c purlins with different sizes for sale which can reduce the transmittance of the sun, decline the sun based radiation gotten by the board, z profile steel and decrease the yield control. The effect is relating to the all out thickness of the buildup.

1. Temperature sway

At present, photovoltaic power plants generally use silicon-based sun arranged cell modules, which are sensitive to temperature. As buildup totals outwardly of parts, it manufactures the glow move check of photovoltaic modules and transforms into a warm insurance layer on photovoltaic modules, which impacts warmth dissipating. . After the part is blocked, it will start the bypass protection section in the crossing point box behind it to start. The DC current of up to 9A in the part string will be speedily stacked onto the bypass device, and the convergence box will deliver more than 100 degrees of high temperature. High temperature has little sway on the board and convergence bind the present minute, yet in case the shadow effect isn’t cleared out and exists for a long time, it will genuinely impact the organization life of the crossing point box and the z profile steel load up. In industry news reports, the convergence box is normally singed and obstruction is one of the blameworthy party.

The current and voltage of some battery cells in the sun controlled cell module have changed. In this manner, the consequence of the adjacent present and voltage of the sun situated cell module is extended, thus causing an area temperature rise on these battery parts. Blemishes in a segment of the battery cells in the sun controlled cell module may similarly make the parts locally heat during action. This miracle is ordered “issue region sway”. Right when the hot plate effect touches base at a particular level, the weld joints on the social affair break up and demolish the system lines, achieving the dismissing of the entire sun controlled cell module. According to industry data, the issue region effect diminishes the genuine presence of sun situated modules by at any rate 10%.

2.Corrosion effects

Most of the outside of the photovoltaic board is made of glass. Right when the wet acidic or solvent buildup is associated with the outside of the glass spread, the outside of the glass will be broken down step by step, which will cause pits externally, making the light structure a diffuse reflection outwardly of the spread. The consistency of expansion in the glass is crushed. The more undesirable the photovoltaic module spread is, the smaller the imperativeness of the refracted light is, and the essentialness truly landing at the outside of the photovoltaic cell is decreased, realizing a decrease in the power age of the photovoltaic cell. Besides, unforgiving, gooey surfaces with concrete development will undoubtedly accumulate dust than smoother surfaces. Furthermore, the buildup itself will in like manner acclimatize dust. At the point when the hidden buildup is accessible, it will make more buildup gather and stimulate the decreasing of the photovoltaic cell control age.

3.occlusion effect

Buildup sticks to the outside of the board, which can square light, hold and reflect light.

The most noteworthy part is the blocking effect of light, which impacts the digestion of light by photovoltaic sheets, along these lines affecting the capability of photovoltaic power age. Buildup stores on the light tolerating surface of the board get together, which at first makes the surface transmittance of the board decrease; besides, the scene purpose of part of the light changes, achieving uneven expansion of light in the spread glass. Studies have exhibited that under comparable conditions, the cleaned board get together has a higher yield power of in any occasion 5% appeared differently in relation to the searing trash get together, and the higher the ash assembling, the more noticeable the portion yield execution degradation.