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The efficiency of the three-dimensional parking equipment

The efficiency of the three-dimensional parking equipment is an important indicator for testing the products of the three-dimensional garage company. It also directly affects the operation efficiency of a parking lot. The efficiency of the three-dimensional garage access vehicle is high. The traffic volume is higher, and the income of the operating owners is higher. best parking equipment manufacturer in China.

Nowadays, in the bustling metropolis, large parking lots abound, and many large parking lots use stereo garages to solve parking difficulties. In these large three-dimensional garages, the traffic volume is large and the number of cars is large. What can be done to improve the efficiency of the three-dimensional garage?

1.as far as possible to design a wider driving lane, so that users can easily travel in the stereo parking garage, without the situation of traffic jams. In foreign countries, the driving lane can generally be designed as a one-way street to avoid traffic jams.

2.as much as possible to design a three-dimensional garage parking space, you can use one to two, make full use of the design, use the upper and lower layers to effectively increase the parking space, greatly improve the space utilization of the three-dimensional garage. In a city with a large flow of people, this is a good way to accommodate a large number of cars in a block.

3.Use as many friendly and humanized three-dimensional garage parking induction signs as possible. In a large three-dimensional garage, we can use different colors to distinguish different three-dimensional garage parking areas, to facilitate user memory and quick access to the vehicle.

4.Increase the entrance and exit of the three-dimensional garage. It is obvious that the more entrances and exits of the three-dimensional garage, the more convenient it is to enter and exit the vehicle, thereby improving the efficiency of accessing the vehicle and reducing the waiting time of the user.mining machinery for sale

5.as far as possible to design a large three-dimensional garage parking size, convenient for users to park on the stereo garage car board, this kind of multi-vehicle garage products. If the size of the design is too small, a slightly larger vehicle will be difficult to park on the loading plate of the three-dimensional garage, thereby increasing the difficulty of parking the user and reducing the parking efficiency.