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Why Do We Call Computer Glitches “Bugs”?

We are headache about something wrong with the computer that we are using. Basic steel materials case with complicated data lines and many power cables always help us for high efficient works and convenient operation. However, for instance, it is terrible things when we search online about home textiles websites. When the computer has a problem, why do we call it a “bug”? Of course, bugs can be unpleasant, but rashes, plenary sessions, and strong-scented candles are also true. As we all know, because the famous computer scientist Grace Hopper once discovered a real moth in a computer, the society we know finally chose “bugs”. But even though this did happen, the legend behind the word is not entirely correct.

A Semi-Apocryphal Moth

In 1943, Hopper worked in the US Navy, when the country was in the most intense period of the Second World War.

The risk is very high. Considering the size of room of Mark I, there is a glitch that is hard to find in Mark’s case. But in the end, Hopper found the problem: a moth was trapped inside.

She stroked the moth’s body in her notebook and wrote in an article on September 9th: “The first actual bug was discovered.” According to the Navy’s website, this is the word “bug” The introduction.

Where Did “Bug” Really Come From?

Well… It was not from Hopper. Creating a term usually requires more explanation than Hopper in her notebook, and Hopper’s paper shows that she and others have used the term to describe computer problems a few years before the moth incident.

In fact, it was even earlier than Hopper himself. According to the Oxford English