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Common sense of Grab cranes

Grab cranes believe that everyone should know what it is, its performance is very good, and it has a very good working effect. However, there are many types of grab cranes, which are generally classified by its grasping mechanism. The different institutions will determine the field of use. Let’s talk about the catching modes of the machine. best overhead crane supplier

Common sense of Grab cranes

Common in daily use are the shell shape and the multi-lobed shape. The lifting shell-shaped grab grabs and loads the bulk materials by the opening and closing of the two left and right combination buckets. It is mainly used in sand making fields, coal mines, mines and infrastructure construction to complete sand and gravel, coal powder and coal blocks. Grabs and lifting work of bulk materials such as earthwork stones and mud. Wood and straw grabs are also a kind of shell-shaped grabs, which can be used to catch logs in lumber mills, and straw straw plants are used to catch straw bales.

The multi-petal grab crane is mainly controlled by the opening and closing of a plurality of rafts to control the grasping of materials. It is mainly used for scrap steel scraping and refining work in steel mills, bulk disposal of waste disposal sites and construction sites, Waste refining, handling and handling, car recycling yard for car dismantling, refining and recycling, tooth replacement, and high hardness wear-resistant steel to ensure long service life; the shell can be according to different working conditions Selection; fully closed clamshell, semi-closed clamshell, wide rim crust, and narrow rim crust.

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