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Granite Countertops Maryland & Virginia

If you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, Solid Construction & Design can help. We offer full-service remodeling, from picking cabinets and countertops to installing the finished product. Contact us today to learn more or to get a free estimate and consultation. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind kitchen, slab countertops are a better option. With a custom slab counter, Mother Nature is your only limit.

Fox Granite provides its kitchen countertop installation services to residents in Austin, San Antonio, and the dozens of Central Texas cities in between! We offer a wide selection of granite cuts, designs, and colors for you to choose from, all at an affordable price. Our granite countertop experts will travel to your home to give you a free quote and provide you with pictures samples to help you choose the best option for your kitchen or bathroom. We are here to help you every step of the way and will ensure that you are satisfied with your new countertops. View our map for a more detailed look at the cities we service in Central Texas.

As the world’s leading prefab + recycled countertop surface supplier, Grenite® is ideal for hotel + resort, affordable housing, multi-family, manufactured home, and other large-scale projects. Hammered stainless steel gives your countertops a texture, which is ideal if you want to contrast with other glass and shining materials in your kitchens. Not only would it stand out against white cupboards like in the image above, but it’s also a little easier to clean! No one will notice if it’s not polished to perfection every day. Stainless steel kitchen islands are usually around 1 meter by 2 meters, but really they depend on the size and shape of your kitchen. Finding prefab stainless steel countertops that fit awkward shaped or sized countertops might not be easy.

When you order prefab countertops, you are receiving a piece of stone that has already been cut into a standardized measurement. But not all countertops are created equal, and while the stone you choose for your project may come down to a variety of factors, so can the process of procuring and creating your home’s counters. You can have plain, drab cabinets and change the whole look with just a countertop change. If you are trying to sell your home it makes it more sellable. Sealing is very sinple, if you know how to wipe your counters you are able to seal.

They are suitable in situations where multiple pieces are required and all the pieces must be of the same size. Installing a prefabricated stone is much easier and faster as compared to a custom cut slab. Explore our expansive selection of slabs and countertops available for your project. In addition to granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, and Man Made Quartz.

prefabricated quartz countertops

It’s pretty insane to me how they are able to do that and have it be accurate enough to cut these massive pieces of stone! We also had the sink on-site, so I thought that they would take it with them to attach it or do the template there, but our sink came with a paper template that they were able to just take. Getting our countertops in was a HUGE milestone for ourDIY kitchen reno. Countertops are a major part of the expense of a new kitchen, so I shopped around and found a great option for ours from a local place, but I’ll share how you can find something similar near you. Eleganza’s new line of porcelain surfaces offers an innovative prefabrication system that enables you to create with ease and flexibility.

Often there is a limited range of colors to choose from when looking at prefab stone, often limited to the most popular and common colors. Shapes are also very limited, and some manufacturers might not make prefab stone bar tops or island countertops. Noticeable seaming might also be an issue when choosing prefabs, and color consistency may vary from one piece to the next since they’re not cut from the exact same piece of stone. When hunting for a natural stone countertop, you’ve likely come across both prefabricated and slab options. Both are, of course, made of natural stone — so what’s the difference, and how will it affect your decision-making process? The only exception to this rule would be prefab quartz countertops, which only need to be cleaned and polished with a combination quartz polish and cleaner such as Granite Gold Quartz Brite®.

The easiest approach is to order custom-made laminate countertops (ours cost about $30 per running foot) from a local home center, full-service lumberyard or cabinet/countertop shop. You can also buy premade take-it-with-you stock tops at many home centers, for about half the price of custom countertops. Shop for the latest in plastic laminates on manufacturer Web sites.

Granite & Marble Specialties is Seattle and Puget Sound area’s one-stop-shop for an unprecedented variety of premium quality Seattle granite and Seattle marble countertops. We retail, wholesale, fabricate and install natural stone countertops. Limestone is a softer natural stone than either marble or granite. When used in a room as a countertop, it gives the room a warm welcoming look.

Follow along with my DIY fixer upper house renovations, sewing and crafty projects, real food recipes, and de-stressing goals. Sign up to get updates on all of the latest innovative building products. Signup for our newsletter to get notified about sales and new products. For backsplashes, we offer both 4” and 7” sizes, suitable for covering rough areas of the wall exposed during demolition of your old tile or backsplash. Larger size islands, up to 52” x 110”; wider back-splashes; lamination match; surface flatness and straightness, etc. Unique edge selections and color/pattern matching between different sizes that you don’t normally see from our peers.

The beautiful patterns of granite countertops add character and intrigue to any room. They quickly become the focal point and the delight of all who enter. There are literally hundreds of colors so we have provided alinks belowto look at colors you can choose from, once you have picked a color bring in your measurements, and your color selection. At that time we can look and see if it is in stock and take a look at the actual slabs. Each slab has a stock number and once it is received we will verify that it matches and you will have an opportunity to look at the slabs.