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How are welded stainless steel pipes made?

How are welded stainless steel pipes made? This is really professional question to ask, and as insider of steel industry, there is the good suggestion to refer below. Before I told you the way about stainless steel pipes made, let us know about stainless steel.

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is an iron-based alloy, usually containing chromium and other elements that can improve material properties. Stainless steel has high corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance at high temperature.

This particular property can be attributed to the amount of chromium present in alloys, and because of this particular property, steel products, such as pipes and tubes, are widely used in various applications in many end-use industries.

Stainless steel pipes usually have two types: welded pipes and seamless pipes. Usually, more than 90% of stainless-steel pipes are welded. Low cost and easy manufacturing are the main reasons why welded pipes are more popular on seamless pipes.

The composite annual growth rate of the global stainless-steel welded pipe market (2018-2028) is expected to be 4.5%.

How to made welded stainless steel pipes

Let’s watch a video about how a stainless-steel pipe making mill works to understand more directly.

As an insider working in a manufacturer of stainless-steel pipe making mill, I totally could solve your problem.

It uses sets of rollers to form the steel strips into a round tubes gradually. After forming a round shape, it uses a welding gun to combine the seam. It requires a suitable processing speed, temperature, voltage and so on. If not, an ugly welding bead will appear, which leading to a large amount of defective products, making a great lost.

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