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Size: Single to double; Material: Cotton; Thread count: 200

As a general guide, you can get a good poly-cotton blend set for £20 or less, a standard set of 200 thread count sheets comes in at around £60 and, if you’re treating yourselves to something a little more plush, a 300-500 thread count is around £100. Say goodbye to your old-fashioned, worn out bedding; a brand-new duvet cover or comforter is just what your bed needs for an instant refresher. Perhaps you will go bolder with trendy designs and exotic fabrics… Style your bed how you like it with our huge selection of duvet covers, quilts and bedspreads, comforters and more.

BEDDING: DUVETS, PILLOWS, SHEETS, DUVET COVERS AND MORE. This subtle, speckled bedding set is affordable, feels comfortable, and lets you sleep easy knowing you’ve made a choice that is good for the environment. Different comforter fabrics and fills will help you achieve a good night’s rest, and your chosen comforter set will transform the look and feel of your bedroom. home textile China factory

Now as far as maximizing your bed experience, may we also suggest a minimum of two pillows to prop yourself up on, bed-risers to create more space, at least two sheet sets of sheets so you don’t feel so rushed during laundry day, and a bed-bug protector , because you can never be too careful. Key specs – Colour options: 2; Size: Single to super king; Material: Bamboo; Thread count: 300; Included: 1 duvet cover. Key specs – Colour options: 2; Size: Double to super king; Material: Silk; Thread count: N/A; Included: 1 duvet cover.

Key specs – Colour options: 1; Size: Single to double; Material: Cotton; Thread count: 200; Included: 1 duvet cover. And although it’s been drummed into our heads that we’ll know we’ve made it” when we end up sleeping in one million thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, believe it or not there are actually other options out there.

Available sizes: queen and king sets; twin, queen, king, and California king fitted sheets; one-size queen/king flat sheet. We’ve found only two California king sets we highly recommend: our favorite sateen set , the JCPenney Home 400 TC Wrinkle Guard Sheet Set , and our favorite budget linen sets , the Pottery Barn Belgian Linen Sheets and West Elm Belgian Flax Linen Sheets At 72 by 84 inches, a California king is slightly narrower and longer than a standard king (which measures 76 by 80 inches).